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Selecting Tile for Your New Backsplash

Selecting Tile for Your New Backsplash
Adding or changing out an existing tile backsplash can be a budget-friendly and relatively quick way to enhance the look of your kitchen or bath. Today, the selections are phenomenal and vast.
Where do you begin?
  1. Begin with what inspires you. Look through magazines, Pinterest, Houzz, etc. to get an idea of what is available and what you like best. You can also see what looks best with current cabinetry and countertops. As you save images of backsplashes, go back periodically and look at your choices. Is there a certain style you gravitate toward?
  2. Determine a budget. Consider not only the tile, but grout, installation materials, and the actual installation. When sourcing your tile, ask for an installation estimate and make sure the pricing includes all materials.
  3. Choose the color range and scale. Do you like classic white? Earth tones? Patterned tile? Bright pops of color?
    Consider the scale: small mosaic tiles or long “bricks”? A mixture of both? Large panels of tile? Getting samples of tile and viewing them in your home can really help you determine what scale will look best, as well as what color will coordinate nicely with the other finishes.
  4. Begin sourcing your tile. The large big box hardware stores may be an easy option, but check out flooring stores as these are great resources. They typically have a broader selection. Plus they’ve done hundreds, if not thousands of tile installations. The associates are familiar with a wide range of installation obstacles, types of tile, and what’s popular in your area (good to know if you’re selling your home soon). They’ve also seen a variety of styles and colors and can help you either narrow down your selections and choose one you’ll love, or simply affirm your great decision!