Three affordable flooring choices

Three affordable flooring choices

If you must buy new floors on a budget, you'll appreciate all the affordable flooring options that are currently available. But you should know that "affordable" doesn't necessarily mean "cheap."

Plenty of materials won't break the bank, but they still offer excellent characteristics. Here are three choices you might appreciate that are sure to fit your budget.

1. Sheet vinyl flooring

If protection from water damage is a necessary benefit, sheet vinyl is an essential addition to your home. The materials are completely waterproof but offer scratch, scuff, and stain resistance.

You'll love the visual appeal of products from our flooring company that mimic natural wood, stone, and porcelain tile. Enjoy a wealth of colors and textures that make these floors even more appealing.

2. Laminate flooring

Laminate is another way to enjoy wood and stone-look flooring at a fraction of the cost of the real thing. It's beautiful, durable, and can last more than 15 years with professional installation.

With laminate, you can choose engaging installation layouts like herringbone and offset tile designs. And each one adds something new and exciting to any room.

3. Luxury vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl offers more protection and durability for new floors with excellent protection in high-energy homes. In addition, the natural-look materials are realistic and can last up to 20 years.

These products also offer complete waterproof protection, even in flood conditions. And they’re easy to install and replace when necessary.

Let us supply affordable, high-quality flooring

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