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Giving Neutral Colors Pizzazz

We’ve been in the flooring business for decades and while we’ve seen a lot of changes, there are some things that never change. Like most people’s desire for neutral flooring. We get it. There’s a fear of going with a strong color. What if you tire of it? What if you want to sell your home and are now faced with replacing it? What if it just looks odd? Whatever your reason we get it, and we respect you for it. Furthermore, out of all the hardwood, carpet, tile, laminate and vinyl we’ve installed throughout the greater St. Louis, Belleville, Madison and St. Clair counties, we’ve handled A LOT of neutral colors. But this doesn’t mean there are lots of boring homes in our area. Quite the contrary. While we love colorful and creative installations, we’ve seen neutrals done right. And frankly, it’s inspiring. Check out the suggestions below for creating a truly special environment using neutrals that are anything but ho-hum.

Beyond Beige

Gray is the hot neutral now and with this (staying) trend, we’ve seen neutral color push the boundaries and provide consumers more “neutral” options. Blush pink, light blues, whites of all shades create beautiful neutral backdrops for homeowners. Likewise, dark charcoal and navy can be gorgeous, high contrast spaces that are surprisingly neutral and soothing.

Tone-on-Tone Patterns

Patterns are popular and here to stay. Faux bois, linear, florals, organics, and small and large scale geometric patterns having been showing up in carpet and tile for a while. The tone-on-tone pattern provides interest without being overwhelming. It’s a layer of design that provides pizzazz without going extreme.

Texture, Texture, Texture

To prevent a neutral room from looking dull focus on layering a variety of textures. Take a living room, for instance. Even hard surface flooring such as hardwood, tile, and laminate come in a variety of textures – some simply visual and other textures like hand-scraped and distressed hardwood flooring can be seen and felt. Furthermore, you can add interest by installing hardwood plank flooring with varying widths. Another way to add texture is with fabrics and accessories: a beautiful woven chest as a side or coffee table, a cable knit throw, embroidered pillows, a mohair covered chair.

A Bit of Bling

Mixed metals are the current trend. In a kitchen, the hardware or lighting can be brass while the appliances are stainless steel. The tile backsplash can have flecks of silver, gold, or copper and the result can be stunning without being overpowering. Tone-on-tone patterned carpet in a bedroom might have a high sheen yarn in the pattern that’s highlighted in certain light levels. Combined with beaded lamp shades, textural linens, and a crystal flower vase or water pitcher, you’ve elevated a neutral room to something special.