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Preparing for Installation

Preparing Your Home for Installation
To make your installation as smooth as possible, we have provided general guidelines to prepare you for the installation of your new flooring.

Pre-Installation; prepare the space for new flooring:
  • Air conditioning, heating, and ventilation systems should be in working order.
  • We may need access to water and electrical power.
  • Rooms that will be resurfaced must be completely empty prior to our arrival unless you have made arrangements for us to move the furniture for you.
  •  We need a 24” clearance in closets from the floor up. 
  • Please disconnect and remove electronics.
  • Remove any valuable items near the installation area.  This includes hanging objects.
  • Ensure that there is a clear path to work areas for installers to bring in materials.
  • If you have hired us to move furniture or appliances; be sure to remove items from the top surface, remove drawers from dressers, remove all bed coverings, and items beneath bed.
  • Make arrangements for moving of oversized furniture (piano’s, pool tables, grandfather clocks, specialty beds, etc.).
  • If you are removing your own carpet, please be sure all pad staples are scraped out as well.
  • If we are removing toilets, please be sure arrangements have been made to have them reinstalled.  We do not reset toilets or pedestal sinks.
  • Make sure all shut off valves on appliances are in working order.
Installation Day:
  • Please keep pets and small children out of work area.
  • If weather does not permit cutting of materials outside, the installers will need to use a covered area or garage.
  • Please make sure that we can contact you during the entire installation.
  • The installers will make a post-installation inspection with you.  The installer will pick up and dispose of any scrap materials.  The installer will vacuum or sweep your new flooring.
  • Our installers are as careful as possible; however, minimal touch-up may be required on walls and baseboards.


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