How to choose a carpet

While shopping for carpet, customers often have similar questions and concerns that they will ask us. We have put together a list of the top 5 asked questions from shoppers and with help from our Shaw carpet representative, we have provided answers that will help in your decision-making process. These answers can help guide you for our other manufacturers as well.

  1. We are looking for carpet for just our bedrooms, we are retired, and the rooms besides our master bedroom barely get used.
    The master bedroom gets more traffic than people realize due to limited traffic options. Around the bed, to the bathroom and in the closet are high traffic areas so I always recommend a good quality product in that area. As always it is your special place so make it comfortable and soothing with color and pattern. The other Bedrooms you can save on your budget and pick a medium quality but keeping in mind your guest will appreciate a comfortable atmosphere.
  2. We just moved into a new house, and need carpet that is budget friendly but we have pets and kids.
  3. Carpet will only be as good as the maintenance that you do to keep your carpet looking nice. Vacuum often at least once a week and have your carpet hot water extracted every 12-18 months. There are a lot of options when looking at products. I like the Pet Perfect products that are pet and kid friendly. Make sure whether it is a Nylon or Polyster that it has a premium stain protection built into the fibers.
  4. My husband and I have a home that’s about 10 years old, when we built it we used builder grade carpet that is really wearing on the steps and in the family room, we need to replace it.
  5. Great, it is time to upgrade and pick a product that will take your high traffic areas. All ANSO products have a great warranty that covers those high traffic areas including stairs. There are many choices of pattern, color and qualities available in the ANSO line up.
  6. I just need to replace a set of steps to the upper level.
    Steps are a great place to make a statement in your house if you want to! Patterns always pop on a stairway and are usually tighter weaves which will take the high traffic that stairs receive.
  7. Do you offer area rugs?
    Yes we do. Shaw will make an area rug out of any style in their vast line up. Many style options, you can choose different shapes, different sizes, you can get different options for the edging (binding, serging, cloth or leather boarders) it can be made with the backing offered or a felt backing can be put on the rug and it can be shipped with a non-slip rug pad if needed.

We hope this helps your shopping journey, and we invite you to our recently expanded showroom to look and feel the many styles of carpets we offer!