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Who Comes Up With All These Crazy Color Trends?

Who Comes Up With All These Crazy Color Trends?

If you’re planning a remodel or getting new flooring, you’re considering color and style. And if you're looking at color, you're probably noticing color trends. Some color trends can be way out there, while others are more traditional.
Looking to sell your home following the remodel? You likely want to choose colors and styles with the most appeal.
In the 25 years we’ve been serving the greater St. Louis, Belleville, Madison and St. Clair counties, we’ve seen quite a few style and color trends. Some with staying power. And some that have fizzled out.
But have you ever wondered how color trends are determined? And who has this powerful influence over what we select and buy?

Who comes up with color trends?

We are surrounded by color, indoors and out. Color sets a mood, determines a style, and communicates a message. Color is powerful!
Since flooring covers every square inch of ground in your home, it will make a statement. What statement? That’s up to you. What color? That’s up to you as well. But the selections available to you are actually determined by global leaders from a wide spectrum of industries.
The Color Marketing Group (CMG) and Pantone both have influence. Both companies meet with leaders from all over the world. Pantone provides color direction primarily for the fashion industry (which naturally influences home décor), while the CMG is a bit more expansive, meeting with global industry leaders from transportation, fashion, technology, consumer goods, recreation and more.
As these groups publish and communicate their findings, individual companies and industries take notice and often move forward with the direction provided by Pantone and CMG.
After all, the color direction was derived from design influencers. To go against the findings is a big risk – will these products sell when their colors go against the grain? Will consumers be able to find coordinating products for these goods whether it’s home décor or fashion?

Great news: color is intentional and includes many industries.

Knowing you can choose a beautiful gray glass tile and – with little effort – find a coordinating gray porcelain flooring tile is a huge plus. Add to this coordinating paint, towels, accessories, lighting, etc. and you’ve put together a stylish room.
In addition to the ease of decorating, you can be confident you’ve invested in colors with some staying power and large appeal.