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Make Sure You Get the Right Carpet Padding: 3 Easy Tips


Make Sure You Get the Right Carpet Padding: 3 Easy Tips

You're getting new carpet. Congratulations! Now, it's time to make a few decisions. What kind of weave do you want? What color? What pattern? Not the least of your questions is this one: What weight padding do you need? Should you get 6-pound or 8-pound carpet padding?
Here are 3 carpet padding facts that should help you decide.

1) It's All About Density

Padding is typically rated by density. It's gauged by how much one cubic foot of padding weighs. Because it's more dense, 8-pound padding is firmer than 6-pound padding. You'll get a cushier feel underfoot with 6-pound padding. They're both used in homes, with heavier padding being an upgrade.
In a few cases, the density doesn't matter. But some carpet warranties are voided if you end up with the wrong weight padding. Make sure you double-check with the manufacturer or ask your carpet professionals for details.

2) Get What Feels Right

Padding that's less dense lends itself to a cushier feel underfoot. If you love to walk around barefoot, you may want to go with 6-pound padding. But, if you're a shoes-on kind of person, 8-pound is probably fine. The price difference between the two densities isn't very much. Depending on how much carpet you're having installed, you may be able to negotiate a free upgrade with your carpet installer.

3) Durability Depends

Your home has traffic patterns – places you walk frequently, and some where you rarely set foot. Your carpet padding can be laid accordingly. Generally speaking, the highest-traffic areas, such as hallways and stairs, should be thin, dense padding. Since padding comes in thicknesses from less than ¼" up to ½", you'll want to hit the thinner end of the range in those areas.
The denser the padding, the longer it'll last without succumbing to wear. And the thinner it is, the less it will compress under heavy use.
Low-traffic, high-comfort areas, like your bedroom, are where you can give yourself the luxury of thicker, more cushypadding. It's a great feeling to step out of bed onto soft carpet in the morning – even if you're not a morning person.
At McCullough's Flooring, we make it a point to stay up to date on carpet padding requirements for our manufacturers. We want to keep your warranty intact and keep you comfortable in your home. Do you have any questions about carpet installation? Ask away! We're ready to help.