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What is Natural Granite?

Granite is a natural stone, formed when molten rock from the center of the earth's core was pushed to the surface. The beauty, which only nature provides, is inherent in every piece of granite. Its extreme hardness, which approaches that of diamonds, makes granite uncommonly durable and extremely appealing for use every day in the home. Nations through the ages have chosen granite to memorialize their significant achievements and milestones. From ancient cathedrals to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, granite's beauty endures forever. You can hand select your slabs from local Suppliers.
What is Quartz?

Quartz surfacing is composed of natural materials, 93% of which are the finest quartz and granite aggregates. This natural stone product has taken the best of what nature has to offer in terms of the durability and the beauty of stone.  Through extensive engineering, a manufacturing process was developed utilizing intense pressure and heat to increase the color consistency, stain resistance and strength of this natural stone product.  Being non-porous, Quartz does not require the use of sealants, and it withstands typical wear and tear beautifully. Professionally developed colors are computer-calibrated to maintain consistency, allowing designers and customers to make the perfect selection from samples. 

 Standard Edge Profiles 
Standard EasedStandard BullnoseStandard Surface RoundStandard Surface RoundStandard Pencil

Other Edge Profiles Available 

Acknowledgement of Expectations
 Key points to keep in mind throughout this process include the following:
• The customer must be on-site at the time of templating to review any radiused corners, review seam locations, overhangs and other issues that commonly arise.  
• Because of the inherent characteristics of natural stone, no two pieces of granite, such as sections of a countertop, will be identical.
• Silestone contains crushed quartz and silica sand. Color pooling occurs to some degree on all slabs.
• New sinks, faucets and appliances (cooktops, slide in ranges, dishwashers) must be on-site at the time of templating.
• Cabinets must be fully and permanently installed including all finished panels at the time of templating.
• Undermount sink cutouts will be made to overhang the sink bowls by approximately ¼ inch.
• The customer should expect some dust to continue to settle for a few days after the installer has left.
• Most Granite and Quartz applications contain seams – which can be seen and felt.  While we indicate the most likely location of your seams when your countertops are templated, we reserve the right to change the location of the seams while we are fabricating the tops.
• During transportation a top can and will sometimes break. Remakes will be completed in 2-3 days in most cases •
The maximum unsupported overhang for Granite and Quartz is 10”.  All overhangs greater than 10” will require additional bracing or decorative corbels.
• Small chips are present in all Granite and Quartz installations. The final step in the installation process is to fill small chips.