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No More Gold as Gray is the Color of Choice

No More Gold as Gray is the Color of Choice

For the past couple decades, gold undertones have been the popular and preferred choice. As people have looked for a fresher look and new optimism, gray is dominating people’s preferences. But this isn’t the gray of the past. Today’s grays are complex with added depth and dimension. Go extreme with a charcoal gray that embodies luxury or warm gray that embraces comfort. Either becomes a neutral backdrop that enhances and lifts up your style – be it modern, farmhouse chic, traditional, or eclectic.

You’ll notice in all types of flooring, fabrics, and paint, the gray undertones actually create a rich and comfortable aesthetic versus a staid, dreary one associated with the color in years past.

Many people are concerned their furniture may clash with gray. The opposite is actually true. Today’s grays provide a perfect neutral. The warm wood tones found in most furniture actually soften and complement the gray tones found in the flooring, seen on the walls or in the fabrics/accessories.

Gray can also provide a much needed calm in the midst of our busy lives and interiors. It’s a soothing color that provides sophistication and offers peace.

Give gray a try. Regardless of whether you have gray walls, flooring, or fabrics, the color gray is here to stay in home interiors for many, many years.