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7 Reasons Full Room Carpet Is Better Than Area Rugs


7 Reasons Full Room Carpet Is Better Than Area Rugs

It's a common dilemma. Should I get full room carpet, or just add area rugs? What's better – for me, for my home, for my guests? We're here to help answer that question. Because we know it matters. It's your home, after all, and you want the best. Here are 7 reasons full room carpet is better than area rugs.

1) Sound Absorption

Kids shout, dogs bark, plates clatter, and TVs echo. That describes a room without carpet. If you add an area rug, you'll gain a bit of sound absorption. However, full room carpet is the ultimate in homey sound dampening. Just like a recording studio, when you reduce echo, sounds become clearer. You'll hear the TV better. And when you have a get-together, multiple conversations will be audible without distracting echo.

2) Insulation

Reducing energy costs is every homeowner's goal. Wall-to-wall carpet can help. The padding and carpet combine to block cold air in the winter, making for a nice, warm surface. You won't feel like you have to wear shoes all winter anymore. And the air in your home may even be warmer with less effort from your heat pump.

3) Permanence

Area rugs slip and slide – especially if you have children. You'll need to get a sticky rug pad or double-sided tape. And even so, you'll still have to put your rug back in place every so often. Properly installed carpet is predictable. It's always going to stay neatly where it belongs.

4) Comfort

Picture this: you step out of bed in the morning, barefoot. When your feet meet the floor, they're cushioned and comfortable. As you walk out of the room, though, you step off your area rug. And that wood floor is cold. Well, with wall-to-wall carpet, your feet will stay happy. No rude awakenings here.

5) Easy Cleaning

Ever tried to vacuum an area rug? It's tricky, isn't it. The corners come up, it wrinkles when you push the vacuum, and so on. Often, you'll end up having to shake the rug out in your yard. And, depending on its size, that can be a beastly chore. Full room carpet's much easier. Just turn on the vacuum, push it around for a while, and put it away. Done.

6) Safety

Area rugs can easily be turned up at the corner or pushed into a fold. That's a tripping hazard for anyone who doesn't notice. Wall-to-wall carpet won't have the same problem. Sure, anyone can trip anywhere at any time. But it's less likely to happen when walking on a nice smooth carpet.

7) Affordability

Yes, that's right. Full room carpet can be more affordable than area rugs all over your house. Depending on the quality of your area rugs, you may even spend more on them than on carpeting the whole room. And if you opt for cheaper rugs, you'll have to replace them more often. While full room carpeting has installation costs, over the long term it can save you money. And, as a bonus, because of its insulating qualities, carpet may even cut your energy bill.
There are pros and cons to everything, aren't there. This question is no different. Now that we've gone through 7 reasons full room carpet is better than area rugs, you know the pros of wall-to-wall carpeting. To learn the pros of area rugs, check out our 7 Reasons Area Rugs Are Better Than Full Room Carpet and compare.
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