7 Reasons Cork Flooring Is the Best Choice for You


7 Reasons Cork Flooring Is the Best Choice for You

Sustainable. Green. Renewable. These words mean a lot to us now. People are more likely to make purchases based on environmental issues. We all want to make the world a better place. But we're not just thinking about the environment. There are many other reasons to love cork flooring. Here are 7 reasons cork flooring is the best choice for you.

1) Cork Is Sustainable

Most people know that cork is used to seal wine bottles. Well, that’s where most of the material for cork flooring products comes from – recycled cork.
It’s worth pointing out that cork is a sustainable product throughout its entire life cycle. It comes from the cork oak tree. The portion we use is actually the bark, which is stripped every 9-10 years. Stripping the bark from the tree is harmless, and it can be repeated several times before the tree dies of old age.
Cork is as natural as it comes. Nothing has to die or be cut down to produce it.

2) Cork Is Insulating

Cork flooring feels warmer underneath your bare feet in the winter. Not only that, but it will naturally increase the energy efficiency of your home. It'll reduce energy use and save you money at the same time.

3) Cork Is Good for Allergies

Cork floors don’t absorb dust or pollen. It's a naturally anti-microbial material. It also contains a waxy, substance known as suberin which keeps mold from forming and waterproofs the flooring.

4) Cork Absorbs Sound

Cork's wide-spaced cells and "less flat" structure help it to deflect sound. Where wood flooring might make a room echo, cork will absorb sound waves. That's good for any number of reasons. Just think of anything loud – a dog barking, children playing, your surround sound – and cork can help keep it from hurting your ears.

5) Cork Is More Fire-Resistant Than Wood

Cork is more naturally fire resistant than other wooden flooring materials. It won't burn unless subjected to very high temperatures. Smokey the Bear loves this stuff.

6) Cork Is More Comfortable

Cork is good for your aches and pains. Due to its naturally spongy feel, cork provides a soft, comfortable surface. Especially for areas of your house where you stand a lot, such as the kitchen, the naturally soft feel of cork can relieve your joints and feet.

7) Cork Is Durable

Unlike hardwood floors that can scratch and scuff more easily, cork’s substance has gives more readily. That resiliency helps to protect it against nicks and scratches.
That, as they say, is the whole story. Cork is really a wonderful flooring material.
If you're interested in learning more, check out our selection of cork flooring materials at McCullough’s today. And give us a call anytime!


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