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7 Reasons Area Rugs Are Better Than Full Room Carpet


7 Reasons Area Rugs Are Better Than Full Room Carpet

Sometimes, the best choice isn't the first one you think of. Should I stick with area rugs, or should I carpet the whole house? What's better for me, my family, and my guests? We're going to take a good look at that question. Because we know you want only the best for your home. These are the top 7 reasons area rugs are better than full room carpet.

1) More Versatile

You can put an area rug anywhere. In front of the sink, down the hallway, at the foot of your bed, in your living room, under your dining table. You get the picture. Plus, renters will enjoy being able to roll their rugs up and take them away when it's time to move. Oh, and all that easy placement? Installation is free. But you have to pay to install your full room carpet. And you're stuck with it for its entire lifespan. Either that, or you move and someone else gets to enjoy it. So, really, the first question you need to ask is, "how long do I intend to live here?"

2) Easier to clean

You can clean an area rug where it is. Or, roll it up, take it outside, and shake it out. And, if you need to, just take it to a rug cleaner. No need to move your furniture, steam clean, and avoid your living room while the carpet dries.

3) Easy to Replace

When your carpet wears out (which it eventually will), you'll want to replace it. That's a big production. Replacing an area rug is as easy as rolling it up, taking it to Goodwill, and getting a new one.

4) More Affordable

Depending on how many area rugs you plan to use, you'll end up spending less than you would if you installed wall-to-wall carpet. That is, unless you get Persian rugs or something fancy like that. But, if that's your taste, you'll want area rugs anyways. They don't make Persian wall-to-wall carpeting.

5) More Design Options

Area rugs come in a wide variety of designs and colors. They can pull a whole room together, and are great for adding pops of color. You wouldn't get a lime green carpet – but a lime green area rug might be the perfect starting point for an entire color scheme. They're also useful for defining space in an open floor plan. For instance, set up your comfortable seating on a large area rug. It'll look great and have its own space.

6) Easier to Install

Unless you're a DIY hero with the right tools, full room carpet installation is best left to professionals. And they'll do a great job. But if you'll enjoy area rugs just as much, they're by far the easier option. Pull it out of your car, unroll it, and get on with your day. Done.

7) Better for Allergies

There's nothing better than carpet for trapping dust, mites, and all kinds of other allergens. That's the biggest reason many people with allergies or asthma love wood flooring. But what if you love the look and feel of a rug under your feet? A good, low-pile area rug may be a good option for you. You'll be able to clean it more thoroughly than full room carpeting. And, if you need to, you can always send it to a rug cleaner.
Everything has pros and cons. The question of floor coverings is no different. Now that we've gone through 7 reasons area rugs are better than full room carpet, you're up to speed on the pros of area rugs. To look at the pros of wall-to-wall carpeting, check out our 7 Reasons Full Room Carpet is Better Than Area Rugs article and compare.
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